Friends of Del Rio Animals

501(C)3  Non-profit Organization

Friends of Del Rio Animals

PO Box 422072

Del Rio, TX 78842


How Can You Help?

We are an all-volunteer organization from the Directors/Officers, to each indivudal member. We rely on ALL of our volunteer members to pitch in and help with things we need to do in order to help animals get spayed/neutered, and to help with fundraisers to enable us to afford our spay/neuter program. If we had no help then Del Rio/Val Verde County will continue to be overrun with homeless animals.

There are many ways you can volunteer your help.


  • newsletter
  • mailings
  • help with special events
  • adminatrative
  • fundraising/grant writing
  • phones - information help line
  • spay and neuter program clinics
  • jr member activities
  • public relations
  • booths at events FDRA is invited to attend


  • become a member of FDRA
  • become a jr member


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2205 Veterans Blvd
Del Rio
(830) 768-1300

 Radio KTDR Mix 96
96.3 FM Morning Show
Call (830)774-3696 if you have
a lost or found pet.



Bibi & Co Styling Salon
Bebe Valdez-Owner
202 Kings Way
Del Rio
(830) 774-5400  

  Ramada Inn
2102 Veterans Blvd
Del Rio
(830) 775-1511


Brown Automotive
2520 Hwy 90 W
Del Rio
(830) 469-1008


Ram Country
Veterans Blvd
Del Rio
(830) 775-7575


Cactus Paw Obedience
Susie Tackett - Trainer
Del Rio
(830) 765-5629


Signs Now
Bedell Ave
Del Rio
(830) 774-4033

2415 Veterans Blvd
Del Rio
(830) 774-1171


The Dog Beauty Salon
Juanita Lunderville - Groomer
621 W 13th St.


Debbie's Dog Grooming
Debbie Aigle - Groomer
Ave H (Rear) & 10th St


Tractor Supply Company
803 Spur 239 (toward Mexico)
Del Rio
(830) 775-1281

(tons of pet foods and supplies!)

  Del Rio Host Lions/Leos Clubs
312 Fox Drive
Del Rio
(830) 768-0442

Val Verde Veterinary Hospital
100 Lowe Dr
Del Rio
(830) 774-4100
Dr. Laura Farr DVM
Dr. Pat Martin DVM
& Staff


Dr. Scott DVM & Staff
Spring, TX
FDRA's Spay/Neuter Clinics


2410 Dodson Ave
Del Rio
(830) 774-6034

Plaza del Sol Mall

2205 Veteran Blvd
Del Rio
(830) 774-3634


Western Air Conditioning
Hwy 90 W & King's Way
Del Rio
(830) 775-8582





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